snowboardinhoti (snowboardinhoti) wrote in teencafe,

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Should I or Shouldnt I

Drew is a good friend but since he started going out with his current girlfriend hes been idk extra rude and he says things like: yah your just a really kewl guy with long hair. your only 1/8 girl 1/8 gay since you like guys and 3/4 guy. If i were you i wouldnt feel loved.

but then at the same time he always brings up stuff like why were you so sad last night? and acts like hes all caring and crap.

so should i be totally pissed at him for been a dick or shold i not because hes also a sweetheart to me. i mean what he says hurts and all but when hes sweet his so so so something.... ARGGHHH drew what you do to me
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